DataPro Group Ltd. in cooperation with leading experts in children’s cardiology offer to conduct prophylactic cardiovascular monitoring for young athletes (up to 20 years old) with eHealth Monitoring System. This way it is possible for coaches, parents and young athletes themselves to keep track of their heart condition. We offer to do the measurements with portable electrocardiograph DP-EKG-1 Cardie™, that allows reading an electrocardiogram (ECG) in very short period of time preventing any major loss of training time.

eHealth Monitoring System flowchart

Doctors acknowledge that the examination of hearts electrical activity for young athletes has to be done at least once a year but it is recommended to be done twice a year, for example, before summer training camp and before the beginning of game season (depending on the wishes and possibilities of parents and coaches). Doctors also point out that for active young athletes the examinations should be performed once a month.

Operating Principle

Pulse, blood pressure and electrocardiogram (ECG) readings are done before the training (prior to exercise and with bated breath). Another ECG reading is done during the training. The data recordings and data processing is carried out as follows:

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