DataPro Group Ltd. has developed eHealth Monitoring System for monitoring of cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. eHealth Monitoring System includes a web-based E-MED centre, software application and wireless 1-lead cardiology monitor. The eHealth Monitoring System provides a patient data management system that digitally stores results of many different diagnostic tests for your patients. Designed to address a variety of healthcare settings, our system offers operational capabilities on laptops, tablet PC’s, desktops, networks and in thin client environments. Our system offers centralized file storage (using MS SQL Server database options).

A diagram of the eHealth Monitoring System

E-MED centre provides round the clock monitoring services from any location and for both target groups – healthcare providers and patients. The web centre generates and manages electronic medical files for each patient and it can be accessed from a wireless handheld or PC browser. Patients are provided with a secure personal web page to send, view and store the results of their medical tests, doctor’s diagnosis and disease-specific health trends. Doctors are provided with a secure patient database to host patient’s medical files and test results.

When using eHealth Monitoring System it is possible to develop a universal ECG database which substantially changes the cardiogram storage (archive) base, makes the comparisons with earlier cardiograms a lot simpler and faster, and accelerates the process of medical consulting.

Main user groups of eHealth Monitoring System: