DP-EKG-1 Cardie™ is a wireless 1-lead portable ECG monitor that allows transferring data to the web server (E-MED centre) via mobile phone or computer with Bluetooth anytime and from any location. This one-channel, Windows based system uses the latest in software technology combined with the accuracy and versatility of Cardie™ algorithm. Moreover the acquisition and operating costs of Cardie™ are dramatically lower than those of old style.

An image of Cardie

Technical specifications

Record methodflash memory Carrier frequency500 Hz
Number of channelsone Bandwidth0,05-150 Hz
ECG analysisThe simultaneous analysis of an ECG in real time Dimensions65 x 46 x 10 mm
Battery type3,6 V Lithium Net weight35 g

Operating principle

Cardie™ can work in two modes:

After an ECG has been recorded the user can transfer it to web-server. ECG that has been sent to the web-server is stored in confidential database which is password protected. The user can access the data via Internet anytime. In case of need the ECG can be also printed out or sent to the attending physician via e-mail. Physician by analyzing the data can precisely establish the electrical activity in the heart and determine any abnormalities. This is very important for children and teenagers (especially the ones that are involved in active sports).

The main advantage of the cardiograph is that in case of discomfort or doubts the user is able to record and transfer an ECG to the web-server via Internet and it doesn’t require any special medical knowledge. This is the only practical method for recording patient’s heart function at any location without visiting special medical institution. In case of cardiovascular problems the period of time from the moment of recording the disorder till the physician’s diagnosis and consultation is vitally important.

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