DataPro Group Ltd. strives to upgrade and improve their products and services on an ongoing basis. Company’s future plans include the development of VIZI LEARNING – an online e-learning solution for children with special needs.

VIZI LEARNING will be based on GenExis system’s functionality. It is also planned to carry out the development and implementation process in cooperation with experts from special needs educational institutions to guarantee system’s conformity with specific requirements of special needs education. The necessity for development of such e-learning solution is based on today's trends which demonstrate that access to appropriate information and communication technologies can reduce inequalities in education and ICT can be a powerful tool in supporting educational inclusion. In addition, the potential of ICT as an individualized assistive (or adaptive) technology to meet physical, sensory or intellectual needs is enormous. VIZI LEARNING for special needs education will support all necessary functionality for children with special educational needs and in long term prospect could provide education opportunities for adults as well.

The overall goal for development of VIZI LEARNING is to facilitate the integration of people with special needs into general society. Our aim is to find partners all over the world that could ensure the introduction of VIZI LEARNING on national, regional or local level. VIZI LEARNING can be a powerful educational tool for any company/institution/organization that is willing to embrace the opportunity to use ICT as a new way of providing special needs education.

In addition to existing and future projects DataPro Group Ltd. is open to new ideas and opportunities. So if you are interested in cooperating with us in the field of education or medicine, we would be happy to hear your offer (our contact information can be found above).