DataPro Group Ltd. is a group of companies with 18 years of successful work experience in development of IT solutions. First company Data Pro Ltd. was founded in 1993. Since then one company has grown into a group of six interconnected companies working in the field of IT, education, medicine, telecommunications, business management and real estate.

The specialty of DataPro Group Ltd. is to develop products of social importance as well as large and complex projects for business management. The company has proven to be able to work effectively on national and international level.

DataPro Group Ltd. manages projects throughout the cycle of development and implementation - from the first stages of idea generation and analysis to the deployment and integration of a stable system. The company ensures the satisfaction of their clients by undertaking the work processes developed and implemented in the company according to the leading methodologies of IT processes, and certified according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

Bureau Veritas Certification ISO 9001

One of our partners in the domain of education is the Go Science project:

Go Science Project